Free Balanced System® tools

We are pleased to be able to make available the following Balanced System® tools as part of a project to improve our understanding of patterns of service commissioning and delivery:

  • Stars, Moon and Bugs
  • Baseline Evaluation
  • Detailed Evaluation
  • Integrated Solution Tool

In order to access your downloadable PDF report of your self evaluation you will need to register your name, email address, job title and organisation. The data collected will contribute anonymously to a benchmarking dataset.

The Baseline Evaluation tool follows the structure of the Balanced System® beginning with commissioning/funding, integrated workforce, parent and carer engagement, leadership and management and training and allow a service, school or setting to evaluate these areas using the outcomes framework moving from Level 1: Input through to Level 4: Impact.  A colour coded summary is available as a pdf download.

The Detailed Evaluation screens provide an initial self evaluation within the key high level outcome areas of the Balanced System® Five Strands and across universal, targeted and specialist levels.  Again a summary pdf is available to download.

These tools form the beginning of the understand phase of the whole Balanced System improvement cycle.  If you would like more information about rest of the Balanced System model of service provision and suite of tools, please contact us at

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