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What is Balanced System® Scheme for Schools and Settings?

The Balanced System® Scheme for Schools and Settings is a whole system approach to improving outcomes for children and young people across the range of speech, language and communication needs. The scheme has been created in response to schools’ demand for a strategic approach to understanding their role in commissioning and providing support for speech, language and communication needs.

The Balanced System® Schools and Settings provides an overarching set of outcomes, processes and outcome measures across the core five strands of the Balanced System®: supporting parents, young people and families; enhancing and adapting the environment; developing the workforce; identifying need; and providing appropriate intervention. Download a visual of the process here.

The Balanced System® Scheme Schools and Settings provides a school or cohort of schools with the tools, mentor support and peer support to ensure that the school is making the best of its resources to support speech, language and communication across the school for all children as well as those with specific needs. Good speech, language and communication skills underpin attainment across the curriculum.

NAPLIC and AFASIC are collaborating with Better Communication CIC to provide this accredited scheme because they believe that there is a need to set clear standards and provide schools with a ‘road-map’ to achieve good outcomes for children, young people with SLCN and their families.

The scheme provides award status up to a specialist level for SLCN and meets Step 3 of the Communication Trust's Communication Commitment. 


Scheme for Schools

Scheme for Schools works across:

The Five Strands of The Balanced System ®

The Five Strands of the Balanced System (R)


What is it?

A system wide approach which enables a school to develop provision for SLCN and wider SEND or Additional Support Needs at a whole school and individual learner level in line with policy, legislation and inspections frameworks across the UK. 

Why use it?

  • To promote effective local interagency working for pupils with SEND or Additional Support Needs
  • To ensure schools are effectively using resources to meet the needs of their learners at a school wide and individual level in line with the Local Offer where appropriate
  • To ensure outcomes for children with SEND or Additional Support Needs are appropriate, effective and achieved in line with legislation and statutory guidance

How it works

The Balanced System® Scheme for Schools and Settings provides a clear development pathway with tools to help schools audit existing good practice, plan against identified outcomes and then implement a development programme. At the review stage, schools may wish to submit their evidence towards achieving accredited award status. 

To find out more:

Find out about the scheme by filling in the enquiry form. You can also find out more about costs of the scheme when you contact us. We offer reductions for small schools and clusters. 

Supported by:

NAPLIC       Better Communication      Afasic

As included on:

The Communication Commitment